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Numarul mesajelor : 43
Varsta : 24
Localizare : in racheta, zbor pe pluto:))
Data de inscriere : 16/06/2008

MesajSubiect: ..:biografie:..   Joi Iun 26, 2008 7:49 am

Guitar : Kiwamu
Bass : kaede
Vocal : Fu-ki
Keyboard : Ryo
Vocal : Takeshi [gone : 2004]
Guitar : Taichi [gone : 2004]
Vocal : DAI [gone : 2003]
BLOOD - official Myspace
BLOOD - official site

BLOOD formed in February 2002 with the aim of expressing strong human emotions through their music while destroying a musical frame, making their sound different, unique.

Despite elaborate costumes, which they design themselves, and heavy makeup, BLOOD considers themselves a gothic band rather than a visual kei band and are reluctant to classify their music into a single genre.

Author : Chantel (2007-02-27)
BLOOD formed in February 2002 with Kiwamu on guitar, Kaede on bass, and DAI on vocals, and wasted no time in releasing their first demo, morphine, less than a month later.

In April 2002, BLOOD welcomed their second guitarist, Taichi, and in August their first maxi single, BLOODTYPE, was sold via internet presale and was available in stores just days later. BLOOD’s first live took place at Nishikujou BRAND NEW in Osaka late that year. Additionally, their official English website opened and Takeshi joined the band as a second vocalist.

The year 2003 began with a series of lives throughout Japan and DAI was dismissed from BLOOD due to his not taking his role in the band seriously and not contributing time or funds toward getting BLOOD heard throughout Japan and overseas. Takeshi took his place as the main vocalist. They played their first show in the USA at Fanime2003’s Gakufest in San Francisco, California and another at Anime Expo 2003 in Los Angeles, gaining them a strong start for a loyal U.S. fanbase.

A busy year for BLOOD, 2004 kicked off with another U.S. gig, again at an animecon, followed by the release of their first mini album, Blood. They performed their first live in Tokyo at Ikebukuro Cyber and just days later, Taichi and Takeshi both left BLOOD, but were quickly replaced by fu-ki. In April, they performed in Europe for the first time, a sold out show at Glaz’Art in Paris, France. Their first European oneman tour, [Vengeance for BLOOD], took them to Germany and France, with a second leg taking them to Poland as well.

Continuing their world-wide activities, BLOOD performed their first show in Mexico at TNT 9 in Mexico City for their tour [Vengeance for BLOOD 3]. After the release of their 2nd mini album, Vengeance for BLOOD 2, they once again headed to Europe, then back to Mexico for three more shows.

Vengeance for BLOOD 3, the final in a trilogy, hit stores in 2006 and BLOOD concluded their lengthy [Vengeance for BLOOD] tour series with [Vengeance for BLOOD 9 ~The Last Tour~], which had been announced earlier that year as their final tour before pausing activities. However, this turned out to be a joke, courtesy of Kiwamu.

After two years away, BLOOD finally returned to the USA in 2006 for two shows and with two lives in Mexico City capping off the tour. They are currently working on their newest concept series, [LES FLEURS DU MAL], which is based off the poetry of French author Charles Pierre Baudelaire. Kiwamu recently opened Cure Distribution, a website geared toward non-Japanese musicians with the goal of distributing CDs by foreign artists in a number of Japanese stores.

Between lives in Europe, the USA, and Mexico, BLOOD continues playing shows in Japan on a regular basis as well as participating in sponsor events, which often include bands such as Suicide Ali and The Candy Spooky Theater.

2007 has already been a busy year for BLOOD. Their latest single, BRUMES ET PLUIES, was released on February 14th and they have another U.S. tour scheduled for March.

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